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Partnership Development

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Bruce McLelland is part of the developing partnership with InnovateUK KTN. Having had a number of roles developing and deploying large infrastructure programmes mainly centred around the Comms and Power Systems sectors. While working at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, he took on the challenge of bringing together the UK practitioners in renewable power generation, the network operators and large offshore generation to elevate the UK capability into the European markets. This capacity building started his fascination with challenge framing, opportunity identification and then bringing together the consortia to deliver the solutions.

His role at InnovateUK KTN has developed into a wider Smarter City landscape in which he has focused on the societal benefits by optimising city systems and processes for the wider good of the urban dwellers. He is a familiar face among many regional local authorities, combined authorities, and their indigenous SME innovators.

He is looking forward to working with the CCR and its wider stakeholders and innovation partners in support of their challenge identification and deployment strategy. Having been heavily involved with the Wales Festival of Innovation for many years, he only sees big opportunities and comprehensive local innovative capability response with the ambition to deploy programmes in the CCR that attract a national interest.

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