Geraldine O'Sullivan

Geraldine O’Sullivan


Graduate Development Officer

Member of:

Gerry works on the Cardiff Capital Region graduate scheme with Laura. Her role is Graduate Development Officer and she really enjoys this role as it is about encouraging graduates to stay in the CCR and make this a great place to live and work. Unlike her siblings, she didn’t complete her degree straight after school so worked hard to get her degree in Business Management later in life, at the same time as holding down a full-time job.

After graduating she moved onto a career in the third sector for nearly 20 years working as a project manager, working with young people struggling to find their way in life. Now working with graduates, this job was a natural progression for her, working with older people and finding them sustainable and enjoyable careers utilising their talents. Spare time involves walking with her family, cooking, and exploring new areas in her camper van.

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