Cyrff Llywodraethu


Cabinet Rhanbarthol

Mae Cabinet Rhanbarthol Prifddinas-Ranbarth Caerdydd yn gyfrifol am arweinyddiaeth, gweledigaeth a chyfeiriad strategol Prifddinas-Ranbarth Caerdydd ac yn gorff gwneud penderfyniadau terfynol ar gyfer Bargen Ddinesig Prifddinas-Ranbarth Caerdydd.

Cyd-bwyllgor corfforaethol De-Dwyrain Cymru

Mae Cyd-bwyllgor corfforaethol De-Dwyrain Cymru yn gyfrifol am Gynllunio Datblygu Strategol, Cynllunio Trafnidiaeth Rhanbarthol ac am hyrwyddo Lles Economaidd. Rhoddir y 3 swyddogaeth graidd hyn i’r Cyd-bwyllgor Gan Lywodraeth Cymru ar 30 Mehefin 2022.

Awdurdod Trafnidiaeth Rhanbarthol

Mae Awdurdod Trafnidiaeth Rhanbarthol Prifddinas-Ranbarth Caerdydd yn gyfrifol am gynllunio trafnidiaeth a buddsoddi ynddi ledled y rhanbarth ac am gynghori Cabinet Prifddinas-Ranbarth Caerdydd ar strategaethau a argymhellir i gyflawni amcanion trafnidiaeth.

Cydbwyllgor Craffu

Mae’r Cydbwyllgor Craffu yn gyfrifol am fonitro gweithgarwch prosiect y Fargen Ddinesig ac am wneud argymhellion i’r Cabinet Rhanbarthol.

Bwrdd CSC Foundry

Mae Bwrdd CSC Foundry yn gyfrifol am sicrhau bod y prosiect lled-ddargludyddion cyfansawdd yn cyflawni ei amcanion arfaethedig.

Regional Cabinet

All information on Roles, Declarations of Interest, Papers, Meetings, Agendas and Minutes can be found by clicking here.

Joint Scrutiny Committee

The Joint Scrutiny Committee has been set up to monitor CCRCD project’s progress against its Programme plan and make reports and recommendations to the Regional Cabinet and / or to any of the Appointing Authorities and to any of their executives in respect of any function that has been delegated to the Regional Cabinet pursuant to the Joint Working Agreement.  The Joint Committee meets up to 4 times per year.

The Joint Scrutiny Committee consists of one non-executive Member from each Appointing Authority.

Current Scrutiny Committee

Historic Scrutiny Committee

CSC Foundry Board

The CSC Foundry Board is responsible for ensuring the CSC project delivers its planned objectives. To deliver the CSC Foundry project, the CCR Regional Cabinet established a special purpose vehicle (CSC Foundry Ltd) to acquire the building, manage the lease and support the delivery of the CSC Project. The Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring the project complies with the legal framework created by the Shareholder Agreement and associated legal agreements.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Monitor the timely delivery of the CSC Project against agreed milestones.
  • Identify, monitor and support the resolution of risks and issues.
  • Sponsor and support Project assurance reviews, approving and/or ensuring improvement actions where required.
  • Authorise key documentation – annual business plans, annual budgets, update reports, finance reports and requests for funding drawdown.

The Chair of the CSC Foundry Board is Cllr Robert Greenland (Monmouthshire).

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