Green Energy

Accelerating a shift to ULEV Vehicles We have a significant opportunity to leverage the work being undertaken within the region in both power electronics and vehicle manufacture to lead the way in the adoption and take up of ULEVS and take a significant step forward toward our mutual zero carbon agenda, if we can expedite […]

Future-proofing Our Rail Infrastructure

Our vision is to develop a strategic public transport network for the Cardiff Capital Region capable of providing a high-quality, reliable, efficient and affordable transport services to support sustainable economic development and social regeneration.

Aligning Skills Provision with Future Industry Sector Needs

To compete effectively in today’s global economy confidence in a highly skilled, adaptable and dependable workforce is essential. Supply of local skills is one of the key considerations for any business deciding where to locate its operations and is of huge importance to how our region performs.

Provision of Accessible, Affordable Domestic Housing Sites and Employment Premises

The region requires significant core investment into strategic sites and premises that can support foundational growth, local supply chains and sector-specific developments. In addition, support is needed for unlocking unviable sites for domestic housing development and for diversifying the quality, variety, and sustainability of local housing.

Developing a Cyber Innovation Hub

Wales has a thriving cybersecurity sector which is growing an international reputation based on externally validated evidence – an internationally recognised mix of cybersecurity-focussed big business, a critical mass of small enterprise and GCHQ-recognised academic excellence – promoted by Welsh Government strategy.

Creating a Digital National Accelerator

Wales has the fastest growing digital economy outside of London, and the growth of the financial and professional sector in Wales has led to a thriving Fintech industry.