Bridgend Town Centre

The Bridgend Town Centre Masterplan has been developed to secure enterprise, employment, education, in-town living, culture, tourism and wellbeing within a historic setting.
Bridgend Town Centre

Project Promoters

Bridgend County Borough Council, Welsh Government


£150 million


Mixed Use: Retail, Enterprise, Residential, Transport, Education, Leisure and Community


Bridgend Town Centre

Planning Status

Developed in parallel with the BCBC Replacement Local Development Plan (2018-2033) Will be adopted as future Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)


We have a series of ambitious and deliverable projects for the next 10 years that will generate economic growth and secure more benefits and opportunities for Bridgend County Borough. Bridgend sits equidistant on the main rail line between Swansea and Cardiff. There is an opportunity here for Bridgend town to become a key player in the South Wales economy.

1. Within 8 zones we have identified the development of:

  • 500 new residential units.
  • 23,000 m² of Retail and Food & Drink.
  • 10,000 m² new Office space.
  • 10,000 m² + new Educational use.
  • Hotel.
  • 6,600 m² of Community and Leisure Use.
  • More than 1 hectare of new public open space.
  • Creation of a transit-oriented development opportunities.

2. Development Zone A The Railway Station Area is seen as a key transport gateway and helps to connect Bridgend town directly along the South East and West corridor and into the UK rail network. Identified as a significant mixed use development opportunity:

  • 160 Residential units.
  • 5,600 m² Office use.
  • 1,810 m² Retail, Food & Drink and ancillary facilities.
  • 1,900 m² Community and Leisure Use.
  • 7,245 m² Public Open Space.
  • New railway station entrance, parking, dedicated active travel routes, cycle hubs, taxi rank and shuttle bus services.
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