Powering a World First Compound Semiconductors Centre of Excellence

CCR is home to CSconnected – the world’s first Compound Semiconductor cluster. Over the last 5 years successive investments through research councils, UKG, Innovate UK, WG and HEIs and businesses have all helped invest c£750M in growing the sector.

In 2017, CCR invested £38M with IQE co-investing £375M in the Newport CS-mega Foundry at Imperial Park which is home to IQE Plc – an AIM listed manufacturer of next generation compound semiconductors. The Foundry, also home to the £50M CSA Catapult, produces wafer chips that are exported the world over and are embedded in all major developing technologies from smart-phones to wearable technology and from advanced energy systems to next generative automotive.

With a £44M additional investment, £25M of which was awarded by the UKG UKRI Strength in Places Fund, CSconnected will build upon foundational investments by:

  • Developing the front door for inward investment and FDI.
  • Reinforcing the trade body status of
  • CSconnected.
  • Creating the skills and talent supply and continued localisation of supply chains.
  • Delivery of an open innovation ‘Collaborative Research and Development Programme’.


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Our power electronics proposition seeks to build upon this foundational capability by creating:

  • A skills academy for the UK sector through the continued development of the physical cluster at Imperial Park Newport.
  • A full skills and talent development programme ranging from entry-level apprenticeships through to postdoctural development.
  • A comprehensive learning, development and training programme for companies within the supply chain with the goal of achieving a 80% usage rate of regional networks.
  • An international Research and Development partnership with South East Asian and North American Universities and Industrial partners.
  • An open access lab facility that will enable co-innovation and development and commercialisation of programmes and products developed through the CRD programme.


  • £100m – To advance the creation of a skills academy, talent development programmes, global R&D partnerships and open access lab facilities.
  • CCR Fiscal Incentives – Via R&D tax credits.
  • Access to BEIS Analysts & Policy Support Functions – For insight and global market intelligence.
  • Support from DIT – For a targeted programme of international inward investment.
To find out more contact us at info@cardiffcapitalregion.wales

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