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September 13th, 2021 marks an important date for employers of all sizes and sectors in the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) - with the launch of ‘Venture Graduate, the redesigned and revitalised graduate recruitment service provided at zero cost to any organisation in South East Wales, by the expert in-house graduate recruitment team at CCR.
A pioneering new employment and skills brand is about to emerge on the South East Wales talentscape - with the launch of Venture, Cardiff Capital Region’s (CCR’s) new Skills & Talent Hub. Suzanne Chesterton, Head of Marketing and Communications for the CCR explains the logic and thinking behind the new brand name;
Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) has announced the launch of a new Skills and Talent hub, designed to meet the future skilling needs of employers and employees across South East Wales.
When the Wagonex business was created five years ago to solve the costly conundrum of either buying a car or being stuck in a long-term vehicle lease, this visionary start-up set-up home in one of the most sought-after digital destinations in Europe. 
When FinTech Wales announced the birth of its eagerly awaited Foundry earlier this summer, the sun was already shining brightly on the Welsh financial technology and financial services sector, with Yoello basking in the glow of winning TechNation’s award for best British fintech, Delio being selected to join the 2021 FinTech Innovation Lab in New York - and the UK-government-sponsored Kalifa Report identifying Wales as a key fintech centre of the future.
For the last five years, Innovate UK’s ‘Women in Innovation’ campaign has shone a spotlight on the pioneering female entrepreneurs who have set out to tackle some of the biggest societal, economic and environmental challenges we face - from climate change to cleaner transport and better healthcare - creating a collaborative community of female role models, sharing knowledge and encouraging entrepreneurial growth for women throughout the UK.      
Climate Change is one of the most critical challenges ever faced by humankind. When the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel warned us in 2018 that we had less than 12 (now 9) years to avoid climate breakdown, it was no sensationalist headline or lazy clickbait. It was the considered view of world-renowned experts that we are in danger of creating an unsustainable future for the generations to come.
We’ve all experienced the frustration of a gadget or appliance failing before it should - and finding it too hard, too expensive or just too much trouble to get it fixed. Such a broken-modus-operandi seems to have become ‘the way it is’, but the wastefulness and need to dispose of those no-use goods is damaging to the environment - as well as running counter to the drive for decarbonisation, as it encourages the production of more (often unnecessary) goods. The manufacture of those goods, of course, requires the use of raw materials and energy - and across the EU it’s estimated that only 5% of the value of the original raw material is recovered when goods are burned as waste.

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