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At the height of the pandemic, Cardiff Capital Region made a £2 million equity investment in one of the most innovative healthcare enterprises in our region – and indeed anywhere in Europe. That company is Pharmatelligence: a unique and groundbreaking Healthcare Data Consultancy that over the past decade has built a global reputation for providing expert, independent, real-world evidence for healthcare services and the pharmaceutical industry.

Lisa Alderson joined Pharmatelligence as Chief Executive Officer last month, so we spoke with Lisa about her own journey – exploring the reasons why she moved from the world-famous Cambridge pharmaceutical ecosystem to help drive the next stage of Pharmatelligence’s growth across the world from their HQ in the Cardiff Capital Region.

“I’d developed my career in the health sector industry as a vendor supplier for over 20 years. I started out in the data, analytic and research solutions space for pharmaceutical clients, working for four leading providers, managing large and small teams as well as performing a number of individual consulting roles – including time spent immersed in the healthcare sectors of geographies as diverse as China and Mexico. That journey has now brought me to the home-grown global success story that is Pharmatelligence, here in South Wales.

“Healthcare providers all have, need or are looking for data – but very often don’t know what to do with that data.”

“My experience from around the world has taught me that pharmas, biotechs and health care providers all have, need or are looking for, a plethora of data. But they very often struggle with what to do with that data, including how to use it to make the decisions they need to make. That’s where we can make a real difference, especially for products that haven’t been launched yet. We help collate, shape and deliver expert insights from a huge variety of data sets and health systems, helping answer some big questions that include ‘How do we get a product to market?’, ‘How do we get our product to the top of the list for prescribing’, ‘How do we nurture the right relationships with the primary health care stakeholders?’  and ultimately ‘How does this impact on the patient and their quality of life?’

“Pharmatelligence is about the products that haven’t been launched yet – collating, shaping and giving insights into data, helping get medicines to market for the best possible patient care

“Whether it’s Pharmacoepidemiology, Risk Management, Health Economics, Outcomes Research or Interpretation, the work we do is all about delivering the right information and education to the providers – and achieving the most positive impact on patient care by getting the right medicines and treatments to the market in the best possible time. This can mean helping pharma’s access the real-world evidence that progresses the product through therapeutic assessments, or helping progress governing body reviews and NICE approval – providing the right information about the molecule or drug, identifying which patient groups will be helped most by the drug, what cost/benefit advantages will be delivered to the hospitals; and all the other data rightly demanded by the regulators.

“Our Livingstone IQ platform will completely disrupt the health data service, making it radically more productive and accessible”

“One of the most exciting things for me is that we’re doing all of this with a tight-knit team of core-contributors – our long-standing team of in-house scientists, academics, health economists and specialist experts who have the proven pedigree to deliver the most authoritative reports. That team has given us the strongest foundation to develop our Livingstone IQ platform, which will completely disrupt health data service provision in the most fundamental ways. It is a SaaS-based model that not only makes critical data provision far more accessible, but radically accelerates the pace of how quickly we can deliver reports, in some cases reducing the timeline from several months to a few hours. The Livingstone IQ SaaS platform will run in parallel with our established long-hand service – providing the best of both worlds to our customers.

“This means we’ll be an engine for increasing the introduction of medicines and development of treatment pathways – as well as providing a completely unbiased source that can be trusted by everyone who needs critical health data.”

“An engine for increasing the introduction of medicines and development of treatment pathways”

“It’s also reassuring to know that this platform has been developed in-house, by the same team that over the last decade has built such a tremendous reputation for provenance. This team is also Welsh born and bred and we are all very keen to build the closest possible links with the rest of the CCR economy, collaborating with all the local health and medtech companies, learning from each other and maximising the incredible energy and potential we have in this region.”


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