Cardiff Capital Region Growth and Competitiveness Commission Seeking Regional Voices to Support Report Findings

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The Cardiff Capital Region Growth and Competitiveness Commission is seeking evidence from regional bodies to support its current report as part of the £1.2bn City Deal agreement.

Over the summer and autumn, the Commission is delivering a dedicated research programme including a public call for evidence and a series of high-level seminars, hearings, and private roundtables to hear expert opinions within the local community.

Evidence will be gathered from community leaders, the business community, educational institutions, and stakeholders before a report is produced on how best the City Deal can be utilised to ensure economic growth across the Cardiff Capital Region.

The report will also include guidance for City Deal investment and project criteria, providing ideas and details for potential regionally significant investment proposals, and providing recommendations for the future development of a more competitive city-region. The findings will be concluded and announced at a conference in autumn 2016.

To support the Commission’s findings, they are looking for local bodies to help contribute to their research and to help inform their recommendations that will be put forward to create more and better-paid jobs, as well as make the city-region more productive to ensure growth is both inclusive and fair.

The £1.2bn Cardiff Capital Region City Deal proposal was signed in March and is expected to deliver as many as 25,000 new jobs and £4bn of private sector investment across the Cardiff Capital Region.

As part of the tri-partite City Deal agreement, the Cardiff Capital Region Growth and Competitiveness Commission was launched to examine the challenges and opportunities for economic growth and competitiveness and to make recommendations for how the Cardiff Capital Region can achieve its full growth potential, and contribute most to the Welsh economy.

The commission, established between the UK Government, the Welsh Government and the ten local authorities of the Cardiff Capital Region, will undertake an in-depth review of the Cardiff Capital Region economy, and provide recommendations to support the region’s growth and development ambitions.

The deadline for submissions is 9th September 2016. Evidence may be made available as part of the Commission’s findings, but they are also happy for any submission to remain confidential if preferred.

Anyone interested in giving evidence can submit it to the Commission secretariat at

Enquiries to Alastair Milburn at Effective Communication on 02920 838310 or


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