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Every ecosystem is driven by pioneering service providers capable of delivering the expertise needed to continually develop - and frequently transform - customer organisations in an ever-changing world.
When Sonovate secured the coveted ‘Fintech Company of the Year’ accolade at this year’s Fintech Wales Awards, it capped an incredible year, even by the astonishing standards of this extraordinary company.
Plexal, the innovation company founded by Delancey, has revealed details of a total of 108 cyber entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and scaleups joining its Cyber Runway accelerator programme – with Wolfberry, the multi-award-winning Cardiff-headquartered Cyber Security consultancy, securing one of the 20 places allocated for the Scale stream of this DCMS backed programme.
The digital world is both protected and enabled by cybersecurity. So, when Cardiff-based Wolfberry Cyber Limited were named the UK’s Most Innovative Cyber Security Company in June this year, it was a hugely reassuring vote of confidence in CCR’s cyber credentials – and a fitting testimony to the trailblazing, ground-breaking, out-of-the-box thinking of this remarkable company.
When the Wagonex business was created five years ago to solve the costly conundrum of either buying a car or being stuck in a long-term vehicle lease, this visionary start-up set-up home in one of the most sought-after digital destinations in Europe. 
We’ve all experienced the frustration of a gadget or appliance failing before it should - and finding it too hard, too expensive or just too much trouble to get it fixed. Such a broken-modus-operandi seems to have become ‘the way it is’, but the wastefulness and need to dispose of those no-use goods is damaging to the environment - as well as running counter to the drive for decarbonisation, as it encourages the production of more (often unnecessary) goods. The manufacture of those goods, of course, requires the use of raw materials and energy - and across the EU it’s estimated that only 5% of the value of the original raw material is recovered when goods are burned as waste.
This series by Cardiff Capital Region, has shown that our transformation to a decarbonised economy built on a sustainable way of living will touch every part of our lives: from the way we produce heat, energy, fuel and power, to the type of buildings we live and work in, the modes of transport we use, the agricultural methods we employ to feed our nation – and even the way we make clothes that respect the environment and help safeguard the planet for future generations.  
Creating a decarbonised economy founded on a sustainable way of living will take more than ‘just’ a transformation in the way we fuel our transport, power our industry and energise our built environment. It requires something of a paradigm shift in the way we all live - with micro and SME companies at the heart of this revolution, delivering low carbon sustainable services that, together, will drive the green economy and a new way of life. 
‘Hydrogen’, with its propensity to produce low-carbon energy capable of powering industry, homes and transport, has been a consistent theme during our series of features on decarbonisation and sustainability. And the wonderfully-evocative name ‘Riversimple’ has also been mentioned on a number of occasions – from the Milford Haven Energy Kingdom project to groundbreaking hydrogen and biomethane energy collaborations with Wales & West Utilities and Welsh Water – when showcasing how our region is pioneering the use of this clean, green gas.
Back in April, we interviewed Mari Stevens, Chief Marketing Officer of Spectrum Internet, to find out more about how this pioneering Broadband and IT Services company was bringing ‘real fibre’ benefits to the digitally underserved communities of Wales. The Spectrum team were about to launch their services in Abergavenny, Haverfordwest and Llantwit Major - and Mari finished our conversation on an intriguing note, revealing plans for a radical re-brand of the service. Well, we’ve kept a close eye on progress and we like what we have seen, with the launch of the company’s new ‘Ogi’ name prompting us to catch up with Mari to discover the thinking behind the new brand …..

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