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A delivery-focused leader and digital strategist Colan Mehaffey recently joined the Cardiff Capital Region as Head of Digital & Data Innovation.
With a digital revolution changing the face of enterprise in every commercial sector, it’s easy to forget that our public sector has been reshaping delivery of the frontline services relied upon by a whole population - and in the process leading a level of digital innovation that would have been unimaginable a short time ago.
The digital age is igniting data-led innovations that are transforming the private sector, the public sector and R&D across Southeast Wales - and in this latest feature in our ‘State-of-CCR-Digital’ campaign, we discover how and where Southeast Wales is taking pioneering steps to harness the power and potential of a data-driven revolution ...
Interview with Pete Burnap, Professor of Data Science & Cybersecurity at Cardiff University’s School of Computer Science & Informatics.
The digital world is both protected and enabled by cybersecurity. So, when Cardiff-based Wolfberry Cyber Limited were named the UK’s Most Innovative Cyber Security Company in June this year, it was a hugely reassuring vote of confidence in CCR’s cyber credentials – and a fitting testimony to the trailblazing, ground-breaking, out-of-the-box thinking of this remarkable company.
‘Digital’ is revolutionising services and Industries across our region – and in our last feature, we explored the key drivers of this digital transformation across Artificial Intelligence, Compound Semiconductors, the Creative Economy and Cyber & Analytics. In this “Part 2” feature, we discover how digital is driving fundamental change in Energy & Environment, Fintech, Life Sciences and Transport & Engineering – completing a rounded view of the quantum digital leaps being made across the eight CCR priority sectors….
The first feature in our CCR Digital Industry spotlight looked at the key drivers of a revolution that’s continually redefining the way we all live, work and play across the Cardiff Capital Region – revealing how every organisation is being powered or influenced by ‘digital’. in some shape or form.
With the digital revolution continually redefining the way we all live, work and play, Cardiff Capital Region today begins a series of features on the digital dynamics of our region – exploring the key drivers, discovering the up and coming innovators, spotlighting the major service providers and employers, celebrating the key collaborations, investigating the talent pipeline – and identifying where CCR can lead the UK (and the world) in digital ….
When FinTech Wales announced the birth of its eagerly awaited Foundry earlier this summer, the sun was already shining brightly on the Welsh financial technology and financial services sector, with Yoello basking in the glow of winning TechNation’s award for best British fintech, Delio being selected to join the 2021 FinTech Innovation Lab in New York - and the UK-government-sponsored Kalifa Report identifying Wales as a key fintech centre of the future.
When the South Wales Industrial Cluster (SWIC) secured £1.5 million funding to support the development of a comprehensive decarbonisation plan starting in February this year, it was an acknowledgement that the second largest industrial emitter in the UK (South Wales releases the equivalent of 16 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, through industrial and energy generation) was taking serious steps on the road to become a net zero region by 2050.

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