CCR announces major conference to act as launchpad for innovation, collaboration and new jobs

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Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) announces a major new conference on the Welsh business landscape for 2023, with a focus on innovation and collaboration between local authorities and high-growth private sector.

Cardiff Capital Region (CCR), the team dedicated to re-energising and reshaping Southeast Wales, has announced it is running a brand-new business conference next April 2023. The one-day event will be aimed at helping a large proportion of CCR SME companies to grow, prosper and become more productive in these challenging times through the provision of inspirational thought leadership and practical case studies. The event will reach across both the tradeable and foundational economies in the region, recognising the important interfaces, connections and the opportunities for more distributed and inclusive growth.

The conference will take place at the ICC Wales in Newport and will feature keynote speakers and breakout sessions focusing on the big challenges that businesses face and how they can improve collaboration and innovation across the board. Key Environmental, Societal and Governance issues will also feature, including diversity in the workplace. There will be an exhibition of key supply chain partners.

Collaboration is the key

The political leaders and CEOs of the ten local authorities that make up the Cardiff Capital Region will also be attending and this interplay between the leaders of the public and private sectors in Southeast Wales will be a unique feature of the business conference. One of CCR’s strategic skills is the ability to forge such collaborations, also bringing in third sector innovative parties such as universities and they will feature too in this event.


In addition to working with companies of all types and sizes, CCR also actively promotes five priority clusters in the Region, namely fintech, medtech, creative industries, cyber security and compound semiconductors. The work done by CCR’s cluster teams includes bringing public and private sector partners together in projects and at events such as this. This conference will see subject matter experts facilitate stimulating discussions that will help to embed these sectors even further into the CCR economy.

Kellie Beirne, CCR Director said:

“The CCR City Deal is maturing fast in terms of expertise and ability to help push the reshaping of the economy here. It’s the right time for us to take this type of engagement to its next logical level by hosting a regular symposium of this type and energy. I look forward to our CCR conference becoming a successful and regular event that brings together political leaders and CEOs of public and private sector organisations to create collaborations that will last for years.”

Nigel Griffiths, Chair of CCR’s Regional Business Council (RBC) said:

“As Chair of CCR’s RBC I am delighted that we are seeing a fusion of effort and abilities in innovation and leadership. This conference will allow us to support our high-growth sectors with skills and practical assistance so that they continue to flourish. As we come out of Covid we need to ensure that the companies in Southeast Wales are fighting fit to take on the world.”


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