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The Cardiff Capital Region City Deal has commissioned Cenex (an independent not for profit consultancy – https://www.cenex.co.uk/) to develop a recommended medium to long-term ultra-low emission (ULEV) taxi and private hire strategy for South East Wales.

Cenex would like to understand the views of the taxi trade on ultra-low emission vehicles, taxi vehicle licensing policy and how taxis operate in South East Wales. We therefore invite you to complete a 15-minute online survey using the link below.


All the questions provide important information for the study and we would like the views from both taxi drivers and operators across the entire region, no personal information is requested as part of this survey.

This is an early opportunity for you to have your say on this topic and the information will allow Cenex to:

  • Assess the business case for using plug-in vehicles compared to petrol or diesel
  • Suggest a standard minimum vehicle age and emissions policy through to 2030 including the impact on vehicle replacement and fleet emissions
  • Recommend the support measurers (both financial and non-financial) required to overcome the issues with plug-in vehicle use
  • Recommend a chargepoint network required to support the use of plug-in vehicles


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