Graduate Recruitment Scheme to Offer Enhanced Benefits to SME’s


As businesses adapt to the rapidly changing environment caused by Covid-19, one thing has become clear: the need for a skilled and flexible workforce.

Many businesses in Cardiff Capital Region have shown a remarkable ability to change their way of working and their processes, even in some cases making entirely new products, and all at very short notice. The sort of changes that in other circumstances would have taken months or years to implement have often been achieved overnight.

None of this would be possible without great flexibility on the part of their workers. It shows the value of staff who are able to take change and uncertainty in their stride, and are ready to adapt quickly to rapidly altered conditions.

But change and uncertainty are not over, they have only just begun. People often talk about a new normal, but nobody yet knows quite what that is; they can only guess.

In the normal course of events businesses need to recruit to replace lost staff or to enable growth. Today – although we certainly face a recession of unknown duration – many businesses will also be thinking about how they continue to adapt to the new circumstances. Some will be in the fortunate position of expanding as the post-Covid landscape opens up new opportunities for them.

That’s why we expect a continued demand for graduates to fill vacancies in Cardiff Capital Region.

From Medtech to Manufacturing

Our Graduate Scheme is designed to help match companies with talented graduates, freshly emerged from the four universities within our region. We are particularly targeting companies in the medtech, technology and manufacturing sectors at the moment, since these are the sectors where businesses are most likely to be recruiting to fuel expansion, as well as being priority sectors for the Capital Region.

Our Offer

Firms that sign up to the free service get a lot of benefits. The scheme provides a quick turnaround, matching a graduate to a company’s needs within 2 to 4 weeks. The entire recruitment process is undertaken remotely, from advertising and shortlisting to assessment and interview, with the interview undertaken by the employer. Graduates get a fully-funded qualification to support their professional skills development in the workplace.

The scheme provides expert advice, helping you work out what sort of graduate you need, when you should recruit, how long the role should last and how you would like the recruitment to be done. We appreciate that personality and mind-set are as important as technical skills, so we make sure we understand your company’s culture before recruiting so we recruit graduates that fit in from day one.

Diaspora Mentoring added to the Benefits

Employers can also benefit from mentoring services provided by mentors who are successful business men and women from around the world, supplied through partnership with Global Welsh.

We are partnered with the four universities in Cardiff Capital Region (Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan, University of South Wales and the Open University), and the scheme is supported by the Economic and Regional Development teams in the region’s 10 local authorities, as well as business organisations such as Business Wales, the FSB, South Wales Chamber of Commerce and the CCR Regional Skills Partnership.

The statistics speak of the success of the scheme. On average, 20 applications are received for each advertised role. Some 87.5% of employers have offered or plan to offer their graduate further employment, and 100% of employers would recommend the scheme to other organisations or businesses.

In these uncertain times, graduates are looking for work and businesses need highly skilled, flexible workers. It’s certainly a time to consider getting involved with the Cardiff Capital Region Graduate Scheme.

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