Homes for the Region – Status Update


Status Update as at March 2021

  • Following the opening of our Homes for the Region viability fund for applications on August 28th, the team has been busy supporting our local authority colleagues with clarifications on the process and generally helping with the development of applications.
  • The application window finally closed on January 11th. The response has been tremendous – with 18 applications received across 9 of the 10 local authorities, the quantum of opportunities identified have substantially exceeded our expectations.
  • Applications have been assessed with a view to formulating a shortlist for Regional Cabinet consideration and approval on March 15th.
  • Key criteria for shortlisting will be a combination of an assessment of the deliverability of the schemes together with the extent to which they provide overall value for money and opportunities for local SME participation.
  • Subject to regional cabinet approval on the 15th, candidates will be notified thereafter of the decisions made and awards of funding letters will be issued to the successful applicants.


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