M4 Relief Road : Revised statement issued on behalf of the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) Regional Cabinet

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The Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) Regional Cabinet Chair Councillor Andrew Morgan said: “The Regional Cabinet recognises that this has been an extremely difficult decision for the Welsh Government.

It also recognises that business groups who campaigned for this road will be disappointed.

The Regional Cabinet welcomes the creation of a commission to advise on what M4 improvements should now take place.

The region needs an urgent package of evidence-based interventions, along with substantial public transport investment, which will create a clean growth mobility infrastructure for South-East Wales.

Public transport investment addresses a number of fundamental needs and solutions for our region: improved mobility, clean growth, improved economic performance, and better social inclusivity.

That is why the £734million South Wales Metro is at the cornerstone of the £1.22billion CCR City Deal.

It is a major project, and its positive effects will be felt quickly. But in the absence of an M4 relief road, we need to see it supported with further investment and associated transport enhancements, including potential projects such as Metro 2 and Metro 3.

Our key aims are to build a sustainable and resilient region, aligned to the principles of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act.

The CCR wants to work closely with Welsh Government to co-deliver significant programmes of shared strategic importance.

The Regional Cabinet would therefore welcome the opportunity to work with the Welsh Government to advance a fit-for-future infrastructure plan for the region which will no longer include the relief road.”


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