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The month of May saw many inspirational steps forward, with the enterprises of our region developing a revolutionary app for the diagnosis of skin cancer … a Valleys community shaping the future of a public forest … Wales STEM awards looking to bridge the diversity gap … and CCR’s Compound Semiconductor cluster being highlighted as key to UK government strategy …   


USW developing revolutionary app for diagnosis of skin cancer

Researchers at the University of South Wales (USW) are working to develop an app that could radically streamline the diagnosis of skin cancer.

This revolutionary new innovation will give GP’s an easy-to-use tool that can quickly identify abnormalities in skin lesions – and speed up delivery of treatment. 

Working in collaboration with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, the USW team has been utilising artificial intelligence to help analyse anonymised data collected from NHS patients – using AI to identify the particular characteristics of any abnormalities, enabling development of a new system that will support GPs in diagnosing skin lesions.

Once proven in clinical trials, this fully interpretable AI algorithm will become an extra pair of eyes supporting a GPs diagnostic assessment – helping identify and treat the skin cancers that currently affect over 16,000 people in the UK every year.  


Treherbert community shaping the future of public forest

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is working with Welcome To Our Woods, a community partnership in the South Wales Valleys, on the future management of a large area of public forestry around Treherbert.

This pioneering community participation initiative, called Project Skyline, aims to involve people in managing their local landscape – providing places for social and cultural activities, as well as creating opportunities for income and jobs.

The project has already generated a long-term forest management plan, “Future Forest Vision”, which has been co-designed by the people of Treherbert and NRW – facilitated by Welcome To Our Woods and other community organisations for the benefit of the local community and environment.

This blueprint for community management models includes training provision for people to build up their skills and experience in managing a forest – helping make the most of natural resources whilst improving the local economy and ensuring that the woodland becomes an even better place for the people who live in, work in, or visit Treherbert.      


Wales STEM Awards looks to bridge the diversity gap

The Wales STEM Awards opened for entries this month – with an emphasis on recognising initiatives that address ‘The Diversity Gap’ across the various STEM disciplines.

Nurturing greater inclusion throughout the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields is far more than a ‘nice to have’ – as STEM industries are critical drivers of innovation, economic growth and societal progress, within our Region and worldwide.

Women, people of colour and individuals from low-income backgrounds are still significantly underrepresented in STEM careers – and this disparity limits the full potential of STEM innovation, because it’s a barrier to bringing different perspectives to the field, and an obstacle to growing a talent pool that is way too shallow.

If we increase the levels of STEM inclusion, we’ll improve the levels of STEM innovation – bringing greater potential for ground-breaking discoveries, products and services – so we await with considerable interest the category shortlists, with the Wales STEM Awards  open for entry until 7th July. www.stemawards.wales


Compound semiconductors confirmed as key to UK government strategy

May saw Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announce publication of the UK Government’s long-awaited National Semiconductor Strategy – which recognises the vital part being played by the CCR Compound Semiconductor cluster in providing current global leadership and future strategic opportunities in this $500B industry. 

The strategy notes how South East Wales-based CSconnected community is leading the way in powering the digital technologies of today and tomorrow – through compound semiconductors that are found in everything from electric vehicles and space exploration programmes, to high-speed wireless, security, sensing, medical, robotic and optical communication systems. 

CSconnected brings together the expertise of organisations that include the Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult, the Compound Semiconductor Centre, Cardiff and Swansea Universities, and a number of globally-recognised industry-leading companies such as IQE and SPTS Technologies – making our Region the centre of a world-first cluster of compound semiconductor capabilities, connecting and powering the race to net zero and the fourth industrial age.   


To find out more about innovation, sustainability, inclusivity and connectivity in South East Wales, go to www.cardiffcapitalregion.wales


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