Pharmatelligence Launches ‘Livingstone IQ’


Unleashing The Power of Data To Make Better, Faster Health Decisions.

Cardiff Capital Region’s January 2021 equity investment in Pharmatelligence was a commitment to the exceptional Cardiff-based pioneer blazing a trail in providing expert, independent, real-world evidence for healthcare services and the pharmaceutical industry.

So, we are delighted to announce the launch of ‘Livingstone IQ’ by the Pharmatelligence team – celebrating their advanced online analytics platform that unlocks the full power of healthcare data, empowering pharmaceutical companies to make better decisions, much faster than ever before.

The provenance and speed efficiency of Livingstone IQ has literally changed the game – reducing the time it takes to run hitherto long-hand critical studies from 6-12 months to a matter of minutes.

And the seismic shift doesn’t end there. This extraordinary platform also enables pharmaceutical and device companies to understand which patients would benefit most from their products and their treatments – and how outcomes for those patients could be further improved.

From a regulatory perspective, Livingstone IQ delivers unbiased, objective information, so decisions can be made quickly and easily.

From a patient perspective, Livingstone IQ enables all stakeholders to understand what works for specific patients – and why.

From a world health perspective, Livingstone IQ represents a quantum leap in getting drugs and medicines to market – to enhance and save lives.


Jon Wood, Head of Innovation and Cluster Development CCR City Deal, said:

“Cardiff Capital Region understands that the most productive economies are innovation-led – and it’s that conviction which drives our support for the growth of innovative companies such as Pharmatelligence across our region.

The Livingstone IQ platform developed by Pharmatelligence is a unique product with massive potential to grow and scale. It’s a research-led project with real commercial application – and particularly valuable application for the healthcare industry.

All of that aligns with our vision and mission in Southeast Wales. We’re committed to ensuring that businesses connect with the research community and – particularly in the Medtech sector – with the healthcare system in our region. Our ultimate aim? That the ingenious innovations developed in our region can benefit the people of our region – and the world.”


Rhiannon Thomason, CEO Pharmatelligence, said:

“The Cardiff Capital Region investment has helped us greatly. Prior to investment, at the end of 2020, we were a team of 14. Since investment we have doubled in size so we’re now a 28-strong team of multidisciplinary experts. It has enabled us to invest in the right people at the right time, allowing us to get Livingstone IQ to market quicker than we would have been able to otherwise.

On the question of ‘What’s Next?’ for Pharmatelligence, Rhiannon added:

“The future is very exciting for us. We’re about to rebrand, so we will soon be relaunching as Human Data Sciences, which we believe better reflects what we do as a company. We’re at the beginning of the journey in terms of Livingstone IQ, we have a very strong minimum viable project that we’re launching – but the roadmap is extensive, so we have at least two years left to develop it in its entirety. Beyond that, we’re also looking at spin-off companies that really complement what is going on within the Cardiff Capital Region.”



There are a number of ways that innovative businesses in the region can access support from the Cardiff Capital Region Wider Investment Fund – including through direct funding – and later this summer, CCR will be launching an innovation investment fund specifically for innovation-led businesses who are looking to grow and scale in Southeast Wales.

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