Podcast: Cardiff Capital Region Strategic Sites and Premises Fund


Head of infrastructure at Cardiff Capital Region City Deal, Rob O’Dwyer, and George Richards, Director of Investment Advisory, CBRE, talk to host Mark Powney about CCR’s new £50 million Strategic Sites and Premises fund.

The Sites and Premises Fund aims to support the development of new business sites and modern employment floorspace across the region, with loans from £2 million to £15 million available to meet the targets over the next decade of delivering 120,000 sq m of new or refurbished employment space; 4,400 new jobs; and £85m leveraged inward investment.

In this podcast, Rob O’Dwyer and George Richards explain the motivation, ambitions and rollout of the fund, and explain how developers can begin  conversations with CCR around the fund.

Rob O’Dwyer says: “The fund is specifically designed to act as a catalyst for projects to move forward and be a visible symbol of viable sectors and industries that will feature as part of the region’s long-term future.”

George Richards, of CBRE, which has been appointed as the Fund Manager, adds: “We’ve been developing the pipeline of short-, medium- and long-term investment opportunities, and we’re now in the process of underwriting the initial investments for the fund and taking investments to the board for approval.”

Developers should visit www.cardiffcaptialregion.wales or email info@cardiffcapitalregion.wales for more information.


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