South-East Wales Business Climate Coalition Event – Last chance to book your space


The move to sustainability is becoming more prominent for businesses, and it can often feel like a big change is needed. For most businesses, incorporating more sustainable practices and achieving net zero goals can be realised by taking a few simple steps.

On Thursday 22nd February, all organisations in the Region are invited to the South-East Wales Business Climate Coalition event:

 ‘Sustainable Shift: Empowering Businesses in South-East Wales with Actions for a Circular Future

You’ll have the chance to virtually meet and hear from businesses within the Cardiff Capital Region, collaborate on best practice and share knowledge of decarbonisation.

The event is online via Microsoft Teams and will take place from 10am-12:00pm.

The event is free of charge, and open to all organisations wherever you may be on your net zero journey.

What’s involved?

Hosted by Warren Lewis, chair of the South-East Wales Business Climate Coalition, the event will focus on two key topics discussed by our guest speakers:

Behaviour Change – A presentation and Q&A by Professor Wouter Poortinga, professor of environmental psychology at the Welsh School of Architecture and the School of Psychology at Cardiff University. (10:05-10:35am)

Circular Economy – A presentation and Q&A by Jill Davies, programme manager in the Circular Economy Innovation Team at Cardiff Metropolitan University. (10:35-11:05am)

The talks will be followed by breakout sessions with guest specialists in each area, touching upon supply chain, logistics, carbon counting and culture.

Who are the key speakers?

Professor Wouter Poortinga

Professor Wouter Poortinga’s research interests are in a wide variety of topics regarding human-environment interactions, including environmental risk perception, sustainable behaviours and lifestyles, and housing, neighbourhoods, and health.

“My work on sustainable behaviours and lifestyles examined the role of environmental values and attitudes in household energy use, evaluated the effectiveness and further attitudinal and behavioural impacts of the Welsh carrier bag charge, and involved the development of a Welsh environmental attitudes and behaviours segmentation model.” Professor Wouter Poortinga

Following a successful career in retail and distribution management at Marks and Spencer plc, Jill has over 25 years’ experience running her own training and development business with a wide variety of sectors, working closely with other agencies to provide structured support for organisational development. This includes working on Welsh Government Business Development projects and as an Investors in People Practitioner.

Jill Davies

Jill has worked as a Leadership Development Specialist with the ION Leadership Team at Swansea University and has been writing and delivering Leadership Development activities, coaching, and supporting business delegates through the programme with highly successful results. In her current role she facilitates collaboration among organisations from all sectors across Wales to create innovation networks to develop new service solutions to enhance productivity that work towards a more sustainable future.

The event will conclude with an overview on the next steps for The South-East Wales Business Climate Coalition, and how businesses can maintain the practices discussed to help improve sustainability in south-east Wales.

The South East Wales Business Climate Coalition’s mission is to empower businesses with the knowledge, resources and voice that enables them to act and win in the race to net zero. The coalition’s commitment to sustainability and the drive towards net zero emissions are a testament to the Region’s dedication to a more environmentally responsible and economically viable future. By hosting regular events such as these, they are taking tangible steps toward achieving these goals and inspiring businesses to join the cause.

Ready to take action for a sustainable future? Sign up for this Thursday’s event.


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