South East Wales Business Climate Coalition: Leading the Charge for Sustainability


In an era where our environmental responsibilities and challenges are more critical than ever, the South East Wales Business Climate Coalition (SEW Climate Coalition) has surfaced with a forward-thinking approach dedicated to promoting sustainability and expediting the path towards achieving net-zero emissions.

The SEW Climate Coalition supported by the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) is a collaborative effort that unites businesses of all sizes in South East Wales. Their core mission is to empower these businesses with the knowledge, resources, and a collective voice that enables them to take meaningful action towards achieving net-zero emissions.

This coalition is not just about environmental responsibility; it’s about reshaping the business culture within the private sector to demonstrate that economic growth can coexist with environmentally sustainable decision-making.

The organisation’s primary goal is to empower businesses in the Region with the knowledge, resources, and collective support required to embark on their journey. They aim to foster a business culture that encourages decarbonisation within the private sector, emphasising that economic growth can go hand in hand with environmentally sustainable practices. Overcoming Barriers is also a key goal in helping businesses overcome the barriers that often hinder their path towards decarbonisation.

The Net Zero Action Business Event

One of the most significant initiatives by the SEW Climate Coalition is the “Net Zero Action Business Event,” scheduled for December 1st. This event serves as a platform to achieve several key objectives:

The event aims to raise awareness about the available support for businesses in the Region interested in decarbonisation and will cover financial assistance, green skill development, and carbon accounting.

Moreover, the event will feature real-life case studies of businesses in the Region that have already embarked on their journey. These case studies will provide valuable inspiration and practical insights for others looking to follow suit.

The event isn’t just about imparting knowledge; it’s also about gathering insights from businesses in the Region. The organisers want to understand the specific challenges and barriers these businesses face on their path to sustainability.

The SEW Climate Coalition has high hopes for the Net Zero Action Business Event:

  • Encourage businesses from across the Region to register and become part of the coalition.
  • Inspire and support businesses of all sizes in the Region to either begin or accelerate their journey towards decarbonisation.
  • Ensure that businesses that attend feel supported, with their concerns and challenges taken on board and considered by the coalition. This feedback will shape how the coalition aims to support businesses in the future.
Warren Lewis, Chair of the South East Wales Business Climate Coalition, expressed his enthusiasm for the event:

“The Climate Coalition, aims to bring all businesses across the Region together, to share best practice, and barriers they may be encountering on their journey to Net Zero. We believe that Wales can lead by example, on sustainability given our natural environment and support the transition to a greener economy at pace.

All attendees will be passionate about decarbonisation, and helping to address the barriers many businesses face when they want to become greener and do the right thing.

This event is just the start of wider engagement with all businesses across the Region, to hear from your experiences. CCR wishes to learn how you want to be supported and provide examples of how businesses have successfully made the moves either to, or towards net zero.

I’m really look forward to 1st December, when we shall be bringing together an inspiring schedule of speakers. I’m sure it will be an exciting opportunity to meet like-minded businesses that like you, wish to contribute to a greener economy within Wales.”

The South East Wales Business Climate Coalition’s commitment to sustainability and the drive towards net-zero emissions are a testament to the Region’s dedication to a more environmentally responsible and economically viable future. With events like the Net Zero Action Business Event, they are taking tangible steps toward achieving these goals and inspiring businesses to join the cause.


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