Speeding Up Commuting Time Through Improving Bus Services


A new scheme being undertaken by Newport City Council will see the development of improved roadside infrastructure to encourage increased bus use and quicker journey times, plus a Park and Ride facility to the east of Newport with EV charging.

This Metro Plus project is part of a wider programme to deliver alternative sustainable transport options to an M4 relief road, and will include a new rapid bus corridor between Newport and Cardiff. The project will  incorporate high quality passenger facilities, including electronic information and EV charging for buses, as well as active travel measures to access the corridor. Part of the plan is also to make bus times more predictable.

To find out more about how the project is designed to speed up travel between the two cities by using a range of sustainable transport modes we spoke to Simon Nicholls, Bus Co-ordinator at Newport City Council;


“The project is looking at whether we can improve the flow of buses and make them a lot quicker than they currently are, but also, how we can improve facilities for walking and cycling. Newport and Cardiff are the main centres of the Cardiff Capital Region and therefore have a net flow of commuters in the morning and  the reverse in the evening. There’s a large amount of travel between the two cities and the new corridor is aimed at dealing with this demand.”


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