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When CCR made a £2 million equity investment in Pharmatelligence back in 2020, we were proud to support a world-class research team that transforms routine healthcare data into transparent, reliable and replicable evidence – helping pharmaceutical companies, academia, regulatory authorities and health partners drive more effective drug discovery, evidence of value for money and better health outcomes for millions of patients.

The last two years have seen a fast evolution of this extraordinary enterprise. A further £2m investment from CCR this year has enabled this pioneering team to double in size, rebrand to become Human Data Sciences, and launch the revolutionary Livingstone platform.

We spoke with CEO Rhiannon Thomason about the journey so far and the road ahead for this multi-disciplinary team who are transforming health and wellbeing across the world from a unique vantage point utilising leading-edge data analysis and cloud computing. …

Transforming healthcare through thepower of advanced analytics​

“The last year or so has seen our belief in the transformative power of advanced analytics take our offering to new places. It’s a huge credit to our team that we’ve managed to enhance even further, a world standard platform that designs, conducts and supports high-quality healthcare research studies, delivering evidence that’s trusted as the basis for many different projects”, explained Rhiannon.

“All the feedback from our customers is telling us that we’re moving into an era where the spotlight is now related to secure data access and analysis of real-world, healthcare data. This transformation places us and the Livingstone platform front and centre of this new trusted research environment ecosystem.   

“We’ve been engaging with many different customer types, and a common theme coming through is that we will be helping them become more robust, making their research better, and in many cases helping their researchers become better too, with patient welfare and clinical outcome at the centre of it all.”

A new era built on secure access and trusted analysis of real-world data

“That trusted reputation for bringing a much deeper understanding of disease distribution, treatment patterns and risk factors is central to our future. It will be key to forging ever-deeper relationships with the Drug Regulatory agencies who require impartial evidence for regulatory decision-making, as well as enabling us to grow more productive partnerships with health providers who want a better understanding of which treatments result in which patient outcomes – and at what cost – giving us a tremendous foundation to build on.  

“The CCR investment has allowed us to widen and deepen the expertise of our team in understanding the opportunities and nuances offered by real-world evidence. That means we’re now delivering ever-greater value to our clients.

“For example, we have received interest in our services from the academic community; and also the pharma and life science industry, who are interested in working with us for rapid access to evidence that informs their drug development, supports their regulatory submission and quantifies their comparative effectiveness.

“So, it’s safe to say that we’re growing our service offering in multiple market segments, and continually enhancing those offerings to our customers, providing insightful and timely real-world evidence to drive positive change.”  

Livingstone: delivering better health decisions, much faster than before …

“That drive to continually innovate is perhaps best illustrated by the recent launch of our ‘Livingstone’ platform.  The platform can drastically reduce the time it takes to complete a critical study from 6-12 months to a matter of minutes, as well as empowering pharmaceutical and device companies to understand which patients would benefit most from their products and their treatments, and how outcomes for those patients can be further improved. 

“That incredible appetite to continually innovate is one of the reasons why I’m so proud of an amazing team that’s grown from 14 to 29 people in a short space of time; a growth made possible by the CCR investment, which amongst many other things has enabled us to recruit the people we need, bringing together experts from many different disciplines, exactly when we needed them.

“That team is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of technology and research, and pushing themselves and each other too, addressing complex challenges in the most collaborative and imaginative way.”

A new brand opening up new horizons …

“For all our technical prowess and scientific expertise, we’re essentially a people-powered company, placing our colleagues at the centre of everything we do.

“Our new company name – Human Data Sciences – says what we’re all about. We have an extensive roadmap for further development of Livingstone, exploring spin-outs that complement our offering in the Cardiff Capital Region, and ultimately shaping the future of healthcare for people everywhere, through advanced analytics.

“We’re in a good place, in every sense, and we’re looking forward to bringing more positive news to Cardiff Capital Region and the worlds of advanced analytics and healthcare in the months and years ahead.” 

We’d like to thank Rhiannon and her team for achieving those milestones and sharing such positive developments – and we’re looking forward to reporting on the continued progress of Human Data Sciences as they lead a new age in healthcare across the globe, from their home in the Welsh capital. 


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