Zip World About to Take Off and Bring The World to South Wales

Corporate Profiling

Home to the ‘Phoenix’ Zip Line and the unique Tower Coaster, Zip World Tower is the fourth Zip World site to open – and the first to establish in the South Wales valleys.

Zip World Tower

Nestled in the Rhigos mountain range and boasting stunning panoramic views, this amazing adventure hub is situated at the old Tower Colliery coal mining site – bringing a new lease of life to an historic and much-loved landmark.

In December, Cardiff Capital Region invested £4.4 million to help bring this major adventure destination to fruition – and with the first Zip line beginning to be pulled up the mountain this week, we thought it a good time to speak with Zip World UK’s Commercial Director, Andrew Hudson, to hear his vision for this phenomena in the Valleys and beyond … 

“Home to the world’s fastest seated zipline; and a Coaster that’s the only one of its kind”

“Zip World at Tower Colliery has become the ultimate Good News Story at a time when it’s probably needed most. When we open in March (hopefully), the South Wales valleys will be home to the world’s fastest seated zipline; and a Coaster that’s the only one of its kind in the world, where two people can ride side-by-side and control the speed of the kart, as it travels over 1000 metres from the original Miner’s Lamp room, past the big Pit Head and into the stunning Tower Colliery landscape.

“The local support for something like this in the Valleys has been tremendous”

“The local support has been tremendous – from Tyrone O’Sullivan and the Tower Colliery Team to the whole ex-mining community, not to mention local suppliers who really ‘get what we’re trying to do’ all have been amazing in delivering what we need. We hope to invite many of the original miners, who are shareholders in the Colliery, to be the first people to fly the Phoenix zipline. It’s the least we could do and a fitting way to open the new attraction. Tyrone and his team really wanted to build and leave a legacy – and this adventure destination will put the location firmly on the map for the whole world to see.”

“There won’t be anywhere like it in the UK, or the world.”

“We are creating more than just an adventure destination, and much more than ‘just’ a twin to Zip World in North Wales. Every Zip World site is different, with its own unique topography and personality that reflects the locality and sense of place – it doesn’t come much more unique than the Tower Colliery location.

In recognition of this, the Tower’s Bistro & Bar will also be the place to dine and enjoy watching the action, with a relaxed atmosphere and an original pit head wheel as the focal point, we’ll be able to serve up to 180 covers who can enjoy our delicious locally sourced food, including some famous favourites. With its spectacular views and setting, there won’t be anywhere like it to eat in the region, or many other places in the world you can think of.”

“This could be the catalyst to put Rhondda Cynon Taff on a global stage” 

“The appetite for the opening has been incredible. We’ve bucked all the current trends and actually grown our following on social media, across TikTok, FaceBook and Instagram – and that’s partly because we are already seen as an innovative brand; something and somewhere that people get passionate about. South Wales will have its own Zip World identity of course – and we’re excited to bring 58 full time jobs to the location initially, as well as seasonal work, and more job opportunities in the near futires. We’ve had a large volume of applications from people of all ages and backgrounds and giving a Welsh Welcome to our visitors will be very important; as I think this could be the spark for building a much greater tourist ecosystem here in the Valleys.

 In fact, we hope to be the catalyst for bringing Rhondda Cynon Taff to the whole world.”    


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