Metro Plus: Pyle Park and Ride

Status: Delivery
Implementation of a Park and Ride facility as part of the development of an integrated transport hub that serves the local community of Pyle and the nearby settlements of Porthcawl, Kenfig Hill, Cefn Cribwr and Cornelly.

What is the project about?

A £50 million programme of schemes has been developed (Metro Plus Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Programme), which will support the implementation of the South Wales Metro.

The Metro Plus RTA Programme will see each Local Authority within South East Wales receive a £3million share to implement a scheme. Funding is being provided from Welsh Government (£15million) and from the Cardiff Capital Region City Deal (CCRCD) (£15million) to implement this programme, with a further £20m being funded by Local Authority and private investment.

There are three strands to this programme of work, a Park and Ride facility at Pyle, a bus terminus at Porthcawl and consideration of the removal of the level crossing at Pencoed.


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This project includes the implementation of a Park and Ride facility as part of the development of an integrated transport hub that serves the local community of Pyle and the nearby settlements of Porthcawl, Kenfig Hill, Cefn Cribwr and Cornelly. Due to the station’s proximity to the town of Porthcawl, it is ideally placed to provide access to the South East Wales Metro network for the existing residents, and those that will be attracted due to the planned regeneration proposals within the town. The existing 23-space car park at Pyle, including 2 disabled bays, are located on the westbound side of the railway with an informal parking area available on the eastbound side which serves Pyle RFC. An initial business case assessment was undertaken in 2013 which suggested that the formal car park was operating over capacity, and that additional spaces be considered as part of the development of any future proposals.

The most recent figures for Pyle station usage from 2016/17 show that 118,910 journeys were made from the station, an increase of 35% from the levels recorded in 2011/12. The scheme will therefore include the design and delivery of an additional Park and Ride facility that can cater for current demand and future growth based on an updated business case. The enhanced Park and Ride facilities will also give full consideration to the inclusion of EV charging points, and the provision of additional cycle parking facilities where deemed appropriate.

This park and ride facility will serve as the origin and destination point between Pyle and  Porthcawl and use the proposed Porthcawl Terminus which is an essential transportation component of the Porthcawl Regeneration Strategy. 

The proposed regeneration of Porthcawl which is a strategic development with up to 1500 new dwellings, school together with the expansion of its resort and retail facilities will generate greater demand for travel.

The original South Wales Metro proposals identified Porthcawl as part of the network.  The provision therefore of a bus hub will deliver the Metro aspiration.  Currently, what serves as a bus station in Porthcawl is a series of bus stops that neither serve the purpose of a bus station nor give the impression of a bus station.  A purpose built bus terminus would improve the image of public transport in Porthcawl thereby encouraging wider use of buses.  The bus terminus will act as a bus based origin-and-destination point linking Pyle railway station and Porthcawl.  Bridgend County Borough Council is planning for a facility that can accommodate 6 buses. 

This scheme is to consider the options into the closure of the Hendre Road railway level crossing along the South Wales mainline at Pencoed, and the consequential impact on the Penprysg Road railway bridge (also known as Grants Bridge) and the adjacent highway and active travel infrastructure. The removal of the level crossing would enable faster speeds to be achieved on the South Wales Mainline Railway which includes regional services between Swansea and London and would be required to accommodate any future plans to electrify the railway between Cardiff and Swansea. Faster line speeds could also make way for additional services in the future (both regional and local).

Investment and leverage


CCR Investment



Match Funding



Projected Leverage


Expected benefits and outcomes

  • To improve interchange accessibility between modes between Pyle and Porthcawl, by improving infrastructure, passenger information and services.
  • To improve bus and rail services in Bridgend.
  • To speed up the regional rail services on the South Wales Mainline and provide a safer environment for residents and visitors in the Penprysg Road area.
  • To contribute to the regeneration of Porthcawl, by boosting the local economy, employment opportunities, residential desirability and reducing local inequalities.
  • To encourage a modal shift towards sustainable and active travel modes.
  • To accommodate changing technology as may be required to meet climate change needs.

Key deliverables

  • A new bus terminus, complete with six bus bays
  • Additional park and ride spaces at Pyle Railway Station;
  • Shared passenger facilities including EV infrastructure; renewables;
  • Park and ride; cycle facilities (potential for Next Bike); branded TfW; to develop the plans to remove the level crossing at Penprysg Road, Pencoed which would improve safety and allow for improved regional rail services on the South Wales Mainline.

Key partners and people involved

The following organisations are partners in the project:

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Cardiff Capital Region City Deal
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Welsh Government
Metro Plus: Pyle Park and Ride
Bridgend Council

Metro Plus Project Updates

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