Metro Plus: Severn Tunnel Junction Park and Ride

Status: Delivery
Creation of an additional 150-200 space car park on the south side of Severn Tunnel Junction station and reconfiguration of the existing station car park to include additional bike & ride spaces, safer walking & cycling access, a revamped bus-rail interchange, EV charging spaces and improved station building facilities.

What is the project about?

Metro Plus is a £50 million programme of schemes, developed with the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) to support the implementation of the South Wales Metro.

The Metro Plus RTA Programme will see each of the 10 Local Authorities within South East Wales receive a £3million share to implement a scheme. Funding is being provided from Welsh Government (£15million) and from the Cardiff Capital Region City Deal (CCRCD) (£15million) to implement this programme, with a further £20m being funded by Local Authority and private investment.

The proposal includes a number of proposed improvements at Severn Tunnel Junction railway station, including additional car parking, improved access, improved facilities, storage for bikes and EV charging facilities.


The proposal includes a number of proposed improvements at Severn Tunnel Junction railway station, including:

  • Car Park Extension – Construction of an additional car park of circa 150 spaces to the south of the existing station, including footpath on south side of new car park connecting to Rogiet Country Park. 
  • Footbridge Extension – Extension of the existing station footbridge to the new car park extension.
  • Improved AT access from Rogiet – Upgrade of footpath along Station Road between B4245 and former station hotel, new footpath between former station hotel and junction with station approach (delivered in the previous financial year), improved road crossing facilities at Station Road / station approach junction, new footpath between junction with station approach and main car park (interim solution delivered by Network Rail in 2019), new footpath across main car park to main station entrance. 
  • Improvements AT access from Caldicot – Upgrade existing mud path between main entrance and Garhalan Drive (parallel to the railway) to AT Design Guidance standards.
  • Improvements AT access from Magor/Undy – Build combined foot/cyclepath along B4245 between Rogiet and Undy. (This section of road currently has no separate path.) 
  • Parking restrictions across Rogiet – To prevent commuters parking their vehicle in the street of Rogiet. 
  • Restore Country Park car park – Including new parking restrictions to prevent commuters parking their vehicle Country Park car park and prevent its use by visitors.
  • Car park consolidation – Unify standards and management of existing main station car park (currently managed by TfW Rail), existing north side overflow / Rogiet car park (currently managed by MCC) and new south side car park.
  • Additional cycle storage.
  • Improved facilities at the station – Improved ticket office, waiting room, possibly café.
  • Digital Fibre connectivity (ducting) – In accordance with CCR requirements.
  • Electric Vehicle charging – In accordance with CCR requirements.
  • Review opportunities for renewable energy provision -E.g. by providing solar panel roof over some car parking spaces, to be reviewed as part of the work.
  • Review opportunities for bus interchange – There is currently no public bus service to STJ, but MCC have bid for GWR CCIF funding to provide a commuter shuttle.
  • Review opportunities for Next Bike type stand.
More Information...

Severn Tunnel Junction is located in the village of Rogiet, in the area known as Severnside in Monmouthshire, Wales. It lies on the western side of the rail tunnel that passes under the River Severn, at the junction of the South Wales Main Line from London and the Gloucester to Newport Line. The next station to the west is Newport. The next stations to the east are at Pilning in South Gloucestershire (through the Severn Tunnel) and nearby Caldicot (on the Gloucester line).

The village of Rogiet is located to the south of the B4245 between Caldicot, approximately 2km to the west and Magor/Undy approximately 3km east. To the south is the M4 Motorway and River Severn estuary. To the north is the M48 which joins with the M4 at Junction 23 just west of Rogiet and beyond this is a relatively sparsely populated mountainous rural area.

In 2019 Monmouthshire CC and TfW Rail carried out a masterplanning exercise for the element directly affecting the station / rail land.

Investment and leverage


CCR Investment



Match Funding



Projected Leverage


Expected benefits and outcomes

To improve interchange accessibility between modes at Severn Tunnel Junction, by improving infrastructure, passenger information and services.

  • To improve access to the park and ride, and between the park and ride sites and the station platform.
  • To encourage a modal shift towards sustainable and active travel modes.
  • To improve active travel provision.
  • To accommodate electric charger infrastructure and changing technology as may be required to meet climate change needs.

Key deliverables for 2021/22

  • Completion of south side car park extension.
  • Completion of active travel improvements to Station Road / Station Approach / road bridge junction.
  • Completion of footbridge design (incl. all Network Rail approval).
  • Completion of design of active travel access along station approach and across northern car park.
  • Completion of parking restrictions within Rogiet (these will follow the completion of the new south side car park).

Key partners and people involved

The project involves an agreement between the CCRCD, WG and Monmouthshire Council.

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