Human Data Sciences – Project Livingstone

Status: Delivery
Supporting the commercialisation and roll out of an analytical software product that will provide the capability to conduct complex scientific studies in hours instead of months.

What is the project about?

The investment will support and expedite the commercialisation and roll out of an analytical software product that has been developed over several years (Livingstone).  Built around NHS data, carefully anonymised at source to protect patient identities, the Livingstone software is intended to be the first of its kind worldwide, automating the analysis of large volumes of data to generate scientific-quality reports in real time for NHS and pharmaceutical industry users. Livingstone will provide the capability to conduct complex scientific studies in a few hours compared with the months it can take at present.

Livingstone, which will be subject to a phased rollout plan, will be licensed as software as a service (SaaS) to industry users under a subscription model.


Human Data Sciences (previously Pharmatelligence) is an established healthcare-related, data science company. It is a leading expert in the analysis of routine healthcare using a highly sophisticated mix of engineering, human data sciences and data analytics. It has over 500 verified peer reviewed scientific publications and is recognised for Research Excellence. As an established research organisation that has serviced the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years their services are commissioned at a global level by large pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Merck, Novartis and Sanofi.

Investment and leverage


CCR Investment



Projected Leverage


Expected benefits and outcomes


Creation of up to 35 new jobs with potential to further extend in highly skilled, highly paid future-proofed jobs. As a thought leader in their scientific discipline, these roles offer opportunities for skilled analysts and computer scientists that have left South Wales because there are insufficient opportunities to return. Also, future employees will require training to the highest levels in mathematics, statistics, computing, AI, machine learning, epidemiology and health economics –all of which will help the region develop its ambition to be a centre of excellence for these highly desirable skill sets.

Spin Outs

The quality training is expected to lead to further spin-out opportunities two companies in Cardiff have already been created by people trained through Human Data Sciences (Pharmatelligence).

Wider Economy

The benefits to the wider economy are significant, with the likelihood that Human Data Sciences will attract footfall in South Wales from global pharmaceutical companies, with all the ensuing additional trickle-down benefits into the local economy and links for others in this sector that this will bring

Wider Health agenda

The Livingston Product also has the potential to make a demonstrable difference to the fight against COVID-19 and future global health care issues.


  • Appointment of Board and CCR Board member
  • Delivery of phased sales plan marketing  annual subscriptions to  Livingston to existing clients- 
  • Ramp up of recruits in line with recruitment plan

Project Updates

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