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Status: Delivery
Supporting the creation of a strategic roadmap for future sector development.

What is the project about?

The opportunities and potential for the Fintech sector in Wales are immense hence as one of our priority sectors, we are actively working with Fintech Wales to create a sector development strategy. This has taken the form of “seed funding” intended to support the undertaking of a fully comprehensive sector analysis with a view to creating a robust strategy and action plan for sector growth. The ultimate aim is to identify the key interventions required to evolve this successful sector into a world renowned centre of excellence for fintech.


Expected benefits and outcomes

A strategy and plan for leveraging the potential this sector presents for the CCR economy and to enable it to become leading plyer in the global fintech community a global centre of excellence.



CCR Investment



Match Funding



Sector Analysis Report

A Baseline Analysis of the Sector covering a macroeconomic  overview of its contribution to the regional economy, its structural  composition  i.e. combinations of SME’s/ Start up/ large corporates etc., the  adequacy of localised skills provision current and future projected and the relationships that exist between entities, trade bodies locally, nationally and internationally.. This will enable the scope of the sector to be clearly articulated and give a point in time picture of the sector highlighting any gaps in data. It will provide a realistic assessment and facilitate the identifications of opportunities for growth.

Vision and Roadmap

This deliverable will build upon the initial analysis and document a full swot analysis, articulate the challenges and opportunities faced by the sector in the context of the pace and rate of change occurring within the industry. Ultimately this piece of work will outline a comprehensive future vision and outline a roadmap for realising that vision articulate a future vision for the sector.

A Strategy and Costed Action Plan for Sector Growth

This final deliverable will pull deliverable 1 and 2 together in the form of a costed action plan for delivering the strategy. This piece of work will identify potential funding sources for the future activity and interventions including where appropriate which would align best with the City Deal funding priorities.

Key partners and people involved

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