Zip World Tower Regeneration Project

Status: Delivery
Creating an adventure tourism facility that replicates the successful Zip World model in operation at Penrhyn.
Zip World

What is the project about?

The objective is to create an adventure tourism facility that replicates the successful Zip World model in operation at Penrhyn.

Zip World aims to do for the Welsh coal communities in South Wales what they’ve done for Welsh slate in North Wales and create unique adventures that bring tourism and wider opportunities to the local area to enhance and fuel the local economy. This project is a 5 phase development over 5 years, requiring a total capital investment of over £7.4m. In the first 5 years of operation the Tower site is expected to welcome over a million riders.


Zip World is a large and growing company. They are a Sunday Times Fast Track 100 company, and are a recognisable national and international brand, who wish to expand and add a significant site to their adventure and experience tourism operational portfolio in the Cardiff Capital Region.

Investment and leverage


CCR Investment



Match Funding



Projected Leverage

Zip World

Expected benefits & outcomes​

  • This project builds on an established brand and successful concept within the leisure and tourism sector. Between 2013 and 2018 Zip World contributed at least £251m to the local North Wales economy. Given that the Cardiff City Region has easier access to a wider range of tourist markets than existing Zip World sites it is reasonable to expect even greater benefits.
  • Creation of at least 20 full time jobs and 60 more during peak seasons.
  • Anticipated 1 million visitors over 5 years.
  • Creates a major new tourist destination with significant economic benefits for a wide range of other businesses and communities. At the Penryn Quarry site 63% of customers visit as part of a longer trip, three quarters of all visitors stayed at least one night with 80% wanting to return within a year.
  • Preserves and regenerates the iconic Tower Colliery site with new visitor centre village and associated infrastructure.

Key deliverables

Phased Delivery Plan  

In Phase 1 (2020/21) the project is expected to deliver the following facilities:

A Container Village 

To enable the activities to be undertaken, there is a requirement for facilities to be introduced to the site, as the buildings that are currently there are not habitable and would need significant investment in to bring up to standard. Therefore, temporary structures in the way of shipping containers will be converted and made into a container village. The village will consist of a reception area, selling tickets and merchandise, Toilet facilities, a F&B outlet, Revl shop, a locker room, an area for kitting and dekitting customers and an office/staff room. The containers have been chosen due to their ability to grow and alter throughout the life of the site, whilst fitting in to the industrial look of the site.


Which is a  is a Zip Line experience that consists of two separate zip lines, each with four lines each. As per Titan, the Zip will be a sit-down experience, with customers anticipated to travel in the region of 40 mph, which would make the Phoenix experience the fastest site down zip line in the world.

Coaster Track and Tower Kart

The UK’s only Alpine Coaster was introduced to ZipWorld Fforest in 2017, where it quickly became the site’s most popular adventure. Well known for being inclusive for a wide range of customers, Coaster has become synonymous with families seeking accessible adventure. The proposal at ZipWorld Tower differs from the Alpine coaster at Fforest as it will be only the 2nd powered Coaster Kart in the world, a design which uses stored energy as well as gravity to drive the customers around the track. This will be another UK first and will provide a unique experience.

Project Updates

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