Meet the Office of the Cardiff Capital Region Team

Meet the talented team of “City Dealers” responsible for developing and delivering the CCR strategy and plans.

Kellie Beirne

Director of CCR City Deal

Rhys Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

Nicola Somerville

Head of Business Development & Inclusive Growth

Hrjinder Singh

Head of Finance, Risk and Assurance

Suzanne Chesterton

Head Of Governance Policy & Communications

Robert O’Dwyer

Head of Infrastructure

Clare Cameron

Transport Development Officer

Dr Liz Fitzgerald

Business Development & Partnership Officer

Gareth Browning

Head of Challenges

Colan Mehaffey

Head of Data & Digital Innovation

Jordan Musgrove

Communications and Projects Officer

Geraldine O’Sullivan

Graduate Development Officer

Jonathon Segarty

Corporate Governance Manager

Steven Hazleton

Communications and Marketing Lead

Vikky David

Social Media & Web Executive

Nigel Pompeus

Marketing Lead for Inward Investment

Samia Ibrahim

Business Analyst

Bruce McLelland

Partnership Development

Christian Cadwallader

Aberthaw Programme Lead

Nicola Butler

Business Development & Partnership Officer

Simon Lavin

Project Manager

Louise Corbett

Homes for the Region Programme Manager

Liz Rees

Project Development Officer