Welsh Language Standards

What are Welsh Language Standards?

The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 is the legislation that created Welsh language standards.

Welsh language standards promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language, and ensure that the Welsh language is not treated less favourably than the English language in Wales. The Measure also makes Welsh an official language in Wales.

CJCs and the Welsh Language Standards

Corporate Joint Committees are subject to the Welsh Language Standards in the same way as its constituent councils and other public service organisations in Wales.
The Corporate Joint Committees (Amendment of Schedule 6 to the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011) Regulations 2021 amended the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011, adding CJCs to the list bodies and categories of bodies that must comply with the standards.

The standards set clear expectations on how CJCs must provide services in Welsh to our partners, stakeholders and the public as well as how we must promote the use of the language through our services.

Where are we on the journey?

South East Wales Corporate Joint Committee has received a draft Welsh language standards compliance notice from the Welsh Language Commissioner and is currently being consulted upon under the requirements of section 47 of the Welsh Language Measure. Once the consultation period has elapsed, the Welsh Language Commissioner will present a final compliance notice to the CJC outlining the exact standards it will need to comply with. It’s anticipated that this will happen by the autumn of this year (2024). Following receipt of its final compliance notice from the Welsh Language Commissioner, we will update this page accordingly.

What activities do the standards affect?

There are 176 standards covering a broad range of activities, all grouped into the five key areas:

  • Service delivery standards
  • Policy making standards
  • Operational standards
  • Promotion standards
  • Record keeping standards

The Welsh Language Commissioner is not obliged to require the CJC to comply with every standard, but the majority will be applicable.

Furthermore, the Welsh Language Commissioner has a statutory duty to monitor organisations’ compliance with the Welsh Language Standards, and investigate complaints and breaches in compliance. It is within its power to impose enforcement action, legal action and fines.

For further information on the Welsh language standards at the CJC, please contact Feedback@cardiffcapitalregion.gov.uk

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